Simkl Tray

Simkl Tray 1.6

Record and save your Skype audio calls to your computer in MP3 for free
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Record and save your Skype audio calls to your computer in high-quality MP3 audio format for free. Record in either Mono or Stereo for the perfect call recording experience. Also, with IM Chat & Voice Recorder, easily store and archive your Skype chats to the cloud for free.


Recording automatically starts with your calls for a fully automated system.
Record and save all Skype-to-Skype calls, calls to Skype numbers and calls to landlines or mobiles for free.
Recordings are saved in high-quality MP3 audio format that matches the clarity of the call.
Recordings include the participants’ names and time of calls.
Record Podcast interviews.
Option to record in Mono or Stereo.
Mono will store recording in separate sound channels. Left channel will contain speakers (your friend's voice), right channel will contain microphone (your own voice). This option is perfect to understand who exactly is speaking and you can filter in any audio software to hear only yourself or your friend. This is also the best option if you wish to transcribe your call recordings for business purposes.
Stereo will mix microphone and speakers into one so you can hear a balanced quality, the way you hear it in Skype. This option is perfect for recording Podcasts and interviews.
Store your Skype chats to the Simkl cloud service for free.
Easy access to your Skype chats from any computer using our online history viewer.
Easily search or sort your call history using the online viewer.
Simple installation and direct access to all chat and voice recordings by a simple right click of your mouse on the Simkl icon in taskbar (lower right corner of the screen).

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